Blackpool Borough Council Tac-Grid MMA Resin Tactiles

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Andrew Connor designed and invented the one and only and original  Tac-Grid System MMA resin tactile system ..

This is a truly innovative design and is unique to Connor Specialist Paving ltd Andrew decided to design a tactile which would eliminate the problems when using flag or stick on tactiles, which are prone to crack, subside and lift causing a dangerous surface for the pedestrian. The Connor Tac-Grid system is easy to repair with no excavation necessary, sections can be cut out and replaced for utilities

Blackpool Borough Council are the first council to commission and specify the Tac-Grid system in their tenders.

Tac-grid system is proven to be more cost effective than other methods. With a minimum 3 year guarantee.

The Tac-Grid system is installed onto the existing surface. There is no jointing involved in the process. It is laid continuously following the undulations of the existing surface so there is no cracking or subsiding and uses hard wearing non-slip MMA technology high qaulity approved product. As can be seen in the photographs there is no cutting required the area is laid in one continuous section. There is no need for costly excavation, with a minimum TM and the area is back in use within hours with minimum disruption (works were carried out in high season). Minimum waste so environmentally friendly. The Tac-Grid system by Connor Specialist Paving Ltd can be installed  in buff, yellow or red or any bespoke RAL colour .

.Blackpool Council commissioned the Tac-Grid system to be installed in a shared space on the promenade. Originally this was laid with flag tactiles which had cracked within 6 months of laying due to traffic driving over them. The flag tactiles were excavated and a tarmac surface laid. The area was then prepared and the MMA Tac-Grid system is installed onto the existing surface. The Tac-Grid system was installed by closing one section at a time to keep disruption to a minimum and the crossing open. Due to the strong and hard wearing properties of the Tac-Grid system  vehicles can drive over them without causing any damage.

The crossing is back in full use within 90 minutes, with minimum waste to tip.

Extremely eco efficient, using recycled plastic, low carbon footprint with no heavy machinery or plant needed, one 20 kg tin to tip