Coventry City Council

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There are currently 300 Tac-Grid installations throughout Coventry City Council. Each crossing has an embedded technology beacon.

Coventry chose the Tac-Grid Tactile System to aid vulnerable pedestrians and reduce the maintenance costs of more traditional tactile methods. We have been installing the tactile for Coventry since 2019 with no remedials.

On arrival at the crossing the pedestrian will hear a message via the free to download Live Beacon app explaining their location, type of crossing, possible direction ie. towards City Centre. With the Highways dashboard Coventry C C control the beacons within their City and can instantly change the message the pedestrian hears giving them the opportunity to advertise events, issue warnings regarding a closed crossing and much more. As a standard the Highways Dashboard also offers analytics showing the usage of the crossing, battery usage, maintenance updates and beacon locations. Bespoke packages are available.